I help Home Furnishings companies Streamline and Scale their business

Here's my theory:  You started your business despite your fears, and you’ve been successful.  Your business is growing, your products are in demand, and if time were for sale...you'd buy more of it.

As a successful entrepreneur, you’ve had your fair share of busy days and sometimes busy nights.  And being a successful entrepreneur isn’t your only starring role! You’re probably also juggling the roles of parent, partner, and caring friend.

Your dream of owning your own business has come true, but the reality of running it is sometimes daunting.  You’re overwhelmed, stretched to the point of fatigue, and you know there must be a better way.

A way that would allow you to...

  • spend more time doing high-level tasks and not the essential daily operations of your business,
  • meet the demands of your team, customers, and business partners,
  • attend trade shows without your business falling apart,
  • take a vacation with your family without feeling guilty, all the while...
  • feeling less overwhelmed.

Your business may be skyrocketing, but without a way to integrate all of the roles you play and streamline your business, the feeling of overwhelm will grow exponentially along with your bottom line, unless you....

 Take control of the business in your life.

Let me ask you a question.  Why work as hard as you do just to feel frustrated and overwhelmed? It’s like being pulled in several directions at the same time, and every direction is a priority.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  I will show you how to streamline every aspect of your business, and here’s the bonus...it will segue right over to your personal life as well.

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re probably thinking that I’ve always been an expert at business systems and streamlining -- that I’m just one of those women who somehow juggles it all effortlessly. Not true.

Or maybe you’re imagining I’m going to preach to you about finding balance. Nope. That’s not me, either.

The real story.

Although it's true that I've co-founded and sold two very successful businesses, it didn't come easy, and it wasn't without pain. After earning my MBA, I started my first business, Aidan Gray Home, and my business partner and I did everything (and I do mean everything) on our own.

We answered phones, processed orders, emptied shipping containers, handled the accounting, and created marketing campaigns. We did it all. And then we started to grow. And grow. And GROW!

Growth is good, right? Well, of course! But when you’re not prepared for it, you can lose as many opportunities as you gain because you can’t keep up. I was burning my candle at both ends, and the business was running me instead of the other way around. I needed a solution -- and fast.

Streamline to grow.

I needed help, but I knew intuitively that adding people to the problem would not fix things. We had a broken system, and bringing more people into that system would not solve the underlying problem. 

I began to look for technology and systems that could simplify our processes and keep me organized. I knew that with the right systems and processes in place, we could scale our business. 

That system was more than just technology. It required a business and mindset change, and once those things were in place, the business started to run more smoothly and became profitable. I finally knew what it felt like to be free of overwhelm. The business benefits were just the beginning -- I also began to sleep better, spend more time with my family, and really take time for myself. Finally!

It's taken years of research, practice, and dedication, but it's paid off, and when I co-founded my second business, Handley Drive, I was prepared. We built a business that was scalable, and it quickly sold to a larger organization. 

Skipping the learning curve.

Everything I’ve learned about streamlining a business, I learned the hard way. Wouldn’t you like to skip that learning curve and do things the easy way instead?

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If you’ve ever felt like you don’t know where to start to begin taking back control of your life and business, you’re in the right place. You can enjoy the business in your life, and it begins right now. 

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